Monday, February 3, 2014

From the BuzzAgent  website:

NEW Fiber One® Protein Cereal gives you the powerful combination of protein and fiber so you can get your day started right by reaching for just one box! The only decision left to make is which delicious flavor to choose.
  • Cranberry Almond – a masterful mix of crunchy almonds, delicious cranberry pieces and sweetened granola
  • Maple Brown Sugar – a bountiful blend of sweetened granola and crunchy pecans topped with the taste of maple brown sugar

Why stop at breakfast? Fiber One Protein Cereal contains 10g of protein when served with milk and 20% daily value of fiber, making it a great option all day long!
Fiber One(R) Protein Cereal
BuzzAgent  is a website that you can sign up to join campaigns for free products. You provide your honest opinion and you are not paid but compensated by free products.
My opinion: good cereal with a great aroma. I wish there were more pecans. Each box has 1 Boxtop for Education on it which is a bonus. I would buy in the future with a sale and coupon. Does not get soggy on my Greek yogurt.

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