Tuesday, February 4, 2014

From the BuzzAgent website:


The Keebler® Elves have been busy baking away a new tasty treat in The Hollow Tree Factory, but truthfully, they could just as well have been hard at work in your kitchen. That’s because Keebler® Simply Made cookies are made with ingredients typically found in most cabinets. Though, we suppose your rolling pin might be a touch difficult to maneuver with elf-sized hands.

Baked with butter, sugar, eggs and wheat flour, Keebler® Simply Made cookies contain wholesome ingredients that you’ll feel good about serving to your family. With flavors like Butter, made with a hint of vanilla, and Chocolate Chip, which contains 100% real cocoa, it’s easy to treat everyone to great tastes.
Keebler Simply Made

My opinion: great flavor, no chemical aftertaste. The chocolate had tons of chocolate and the butter cookies had a real butter flavor. I would buy these cookies again because they have no high fructose corn sugar and they are tasty.

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