Saturday, June 19, 2010

Strawberry Shortcake Parfait Pops

This recipe is frm the Cooking Network magazine.

Cooking spray

1 1/2 cups Special K Red Berries cereal (I used an organic berry cereal)

1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut

3/4 cup vanilla frozen yogurt, slightly softened

3/4 cup strawberry sorbet, slightly softened


Spray the insides of six 3-ounce paper cups with cooking spray. Pulse the cereal and coconut in a food processor until coarsely ground.

Put about 1 tablespoon cereal mixture in the bottom of each cup and top with 1 tablespoon frozen yogurt. Add 2 tablespoons sorbet and press into the cup, then pack in another tablespoon of frozen yogurt and sprinkle with more cereal mixture. Insert a wooden stick into the center of each pop and freeze until hard, at least 4 hours.

Before serving, snip the paper cup and peel it off.

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