Thursday, August 26, 2010


6 cups canned tomato sauce

3-4 cups water

2-3 teaspoons garlic powder (depending on how garlicky you like it)

1 lb bag anelletti (ring shaped pasta- you could use any small pasta- alphabet or stars would be fun!)

1-1 1/2 cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded (fresh shredded is best!)

1/4-1/2 cup milk

2 tbs butter

salt, to taste

1. Combine tomato sauce, water and garlic powder in a large pot. Place on a low simmer for 4 hours.  Bring to a boil.

2. When the tomato mixture is boiling, add the pasta to the pot. Cook, stirring frequently (the pasta is tiny, so it's easy to stick to the bottom) for about 20 minutes, or until the pasta is soft.

3. Stir in cheese until melted. Add milk, butter and salt to taste.

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